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Welcome to Giftable World Inc. and discover what makes us the world’s leading manufacturer of customer and private label plush products.

About Giftable World Toys

For the past ten years, the Giftable World has been a world leader in the plush products for leading retailers, amusements and custom made company world widely. We believe Giftable World can offer you the most innovative, safe, and top quality plush products.

Our company imagines a perfect world where every child can own the toys of their dreams. We feel such a world is something we would like to create, or at least to which we make contribution. Since this is our ultimate goal, we have employed a lot of excellent designers and salesmen, to create new ideas for products every month. We know this is necessary to keep up with the latest trend and to gain the knowledge of the market. We do this in order to give you (our customer) an edge in the fast-moving market. Any new ideas or designs you need us to develop will be gladly accepted and considered. We are able to do it for you exclusively and at your target price.

The Giftable World family can offer the following:

1. Plush Toy Design: We have strong design centers in Los Angeles and Yangzhou China. Giftable World Toys are well known for offering the newly designed toys. We truly stand out as leaders of design for characters, piece-type variety, fabric innovations, and more. Giftable World Toys product designs can be generated based on artwork from customers or we can generate the artwork for you. We have multiple in-house artists on our staff team based in US and China for character illustrations as well as packaging and graphics.

2. Plush Toy Production: We have more than 300 sewing machines in our plush toy manufacturing facility in China. Production processes at Giftable World Toys are of the highest standards, innovation, and sophistication. Detailed online inspections, and clean, safe, efficient, and one-time production, are just a few words that describe the Giftable World Toys production and inspection processes. Giftable World Toys consider “Human Rights” as a high standard to be upheld and is of utmost importance to our company. Our managerial staffs and factory personnel also make it a priority to produce the highest quality and safest toys in the world. Quality is No. 1 to us. We have up to five million worth of Production Commercial Liability Insurance coverage to protect our single shipment.

3. Quality: Our manufacturing facilities have acquired “Quality System Certificates” of ISO9002 and ICTI certificate. We can produce goods according to International Quality Assurance Standards. We have strictest safety and quality assurance operation system and we perform all necessary tests using the authorized laboratories on materials and finished products to meet worldwide regulations. We start the inspection from the beginning of designing process to the final step of the whole production for every shipment under the control of a professionally qualified and designated inspection team.

4. Shipments: We will have on-time delivery. Our goal is to track record for on-time shipment. Our efficient manufacturing processes and distribution system can guarantee you that our shipments will arrive on time.

5. Cost Control: Giftable World Toys use efficient operating system and supplier channels to offer the best cost based on the quality and design of the final products.

6. Customer Service: Giftable World Toys have their own customer service centers. Contact Us